Raise even more money for your school with Kings Seeds Seedy Schools Fundraiser Programme!

The Kings Seeds Seedy School Fundraiser Programme is a great way to raise money for your school through selling packets of vegetable and flower seed, and raising even more money from your Great NZ Seedling Sale.  Simple to implement and low stress for organisers, the Seedy Schools Fundraiser programme also offers children and families quality time in the garden through sowing seeds and growing plants together.  Seeds can also be purchased to give as gifts to friends and family.

Why the Fundraising Programme works:

  • People love having a healthy alternative to selling confectionery.

  • It is easy to implement.

  • Minimal effort is required by the organisers.

  • Friends and family know and trust Kings Seeds.

  • Great interest - gardening is one of the most popular hobbies in New Zealand.

  • You make from $1.60 to $2.45 profit per seed packet sold.

How it works:

  • Print out copies of the Top Sellers list below and invite people at your seedling sale to buy even more seeds!  (click here for the list, or the link below).  Collect the money when they place the order. 

  • Send your order through to Garden to Table, and we'll arrange for the seeds to be sent to the school, where they can be collected.

  • You sell the varieties from this list at their standard retail price A: $2.95, B: $3.95, C: $4.95 (minimum order 100 packets).

  • You pay the discounted price within 7 days and make a healthy profit! Discounted prices: A: $1.00, B: $1.50, C: $2.00 per packet plus GST and freight.

  • No returns policy but we do reserve the right to substitute if a particular variety is unavailable.

  • Place your order by sending your completed order form (including the name of your school!) to Garden to Table ( and we’ll send the seeds to you along with an invoice.  


PS - you could also include this offer in your school newsletter after your Seedling Sale to sell even more packets, or offer to local businesses as a way to support your school's programme


Kings Best Sellers.JPG