About The Great NZ Seedling Sale

We understand that schools are always looking for ways to meet the costs of their Garden to Table programme, whether this is resourcing your garden and kitchen specialists, buying pantry items and kitchen equipment, or supplementing your seedlings.   


We wanted to create an event that would allow you to fundraise for your Garden to Table sessions in your local community, with our support.

The Great NZ Seedling Sale is a national event, supported by Garden to Table and our sponsors, to help you raise funds to support Garden to Table at your school. 

We have created information sheets and resources to help you on your way, guides to help you promote your sale and Garden to Table, together with our partners and sponsors, will promote the Great NZ Seedling Sale nationwide.  

So let's get planting!

Growing Plants

Frequently asked questions

Who can take part in the Great NZ Seedling Sale?

The Great NZ Seedling Sale is createded to help schools fund their Garden to Table Full or Online programme. If you would like to know more about joining the Garden to Table programme, please email us at info@gardentotable.org.nz

Do I have to have my sale on 17 or 18 October?

No! However we will be aiming any publicity around this weekend. However, if you are having a school fair, or another event where your Seedling Sale would fit well, then you are free to choose your own date. You can use the downloadable posters and resources to add your own date, and promote your sale to your local community

Do we have to hold our Seedling Sale at the school?

No, you can hold your Seedling Sale wherever you wish. Your local farmers market, or the community spots at your local Mitre 10 or The Warehouse could be great locations. Or maybe in the carpark of your local sports club? The choice is entirely up to you.

How will you help us with our Seedling Sale?

Our Seedling Sale Supporters Tui, King's Seeds and BioGrow will help schools with supplies for their Seedling Sale. King's Seeds will supply each school with a bulk bag of seeds, Tui will provide each school with vouchers for seed raising mix, BioGrow are supplying Fertilpots to registered schools. Unfortunately, you need to be a current Garden to Table school (Full or Online) to be eligible for product from our Seedling Sale Supporters.