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A national fundraising event to support your school's

Garden to Table programme

17 & 18 October 2020

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Keen to raise funds for your

Garden to Table programme?

Then get your school involved in the

Great NZ Seedling Sale!



Receive free King's Seeds, vouchers for Tui Seed Raising mix and BioGrow Fertilpots and get growing, using our growing guides 


Choose your date and venue, and get your community involved with helping you grow


Check out the promotional resources on this site, and get the news out there


Host a Great NZ Seedling Sale to support your programme and community! 

Planning: Good planning will help make your seedling sale a success. Think about:

  • Who will produce seedlings? How, and when?

  • What kind of plants will you grow, and how many of each?

  • When and where will you host the sale?

  • What is your fundraising target, and what will you use the raised funds for?

Seeds: You may have saved sufficient seed to grow seedlings from seeds of your own. Otherwise, you could reach out to local gardeners or parents to fill any gaps you have, 

Kings Seeds are a supporter of Garden to Table and will provide Mixed Lettuce Seeds to each school who signs up to participate in The Great New Zealand Seedling Sale.

Pots and Containers: There are a number of ways to ensure you have enough pots and containers for your Great NZ Seedling Sale.  If you don't have enough at your school then local garden centres are often happy to give away left-over punnets, or follow our guide to making your own, paper pots using newspaper.

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With thanks to our Seedling Sale Sponsors

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Registrations now closed for 2020 - see you next year!